EleganceXtreme Inc is a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Status compliant organization.
Positive Choices with Actions' mission is to assist in the re-education and redirection of our children. Help them to understand there is another way of life other than violence, bullying, any type of abuse, fear, and drugs through Reading, Financial, Emotional, Health and Wellness, and Outdoor Literacy

EleganceXtreme Inc,- Positive Choices is a passion driven and committed organization to doing our part to help with the redirection and re-education of children. We passionately address the need to provide our underprivileged youth with tools that can help create positive outcomes in life-changing situations. It is our belief that helping them handle their fears and anger it will help them redirect their actions. They will begin to understand there are other ways to deal with life and trauma besides violence, bullying, abuse, living in fear, and selling and using drugs. Through reading, financial, emotional, health and wellness, nutrition, and outdoor literacy we witnessed transformation amongst our participants just from one cohort. We have partnered with other organizations that support our mission and believe in the concept of Positive Choices. This program is very innovative. We host and hand out information through various events, workshops, and activities. When you understand how to engage and retain their attention is a quintessential piece to the puzzle to coordinating successful programs. Because we are a universal program that will positively impact not just the disadvantaged but all children in all parts of the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.