Meet the Founder

We have made quality our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.

Geanna Williams-Davis is a wife, mother, grandmother, and accomplished businesswoman. Her educational journey began the Burlington County School District, Mt. Holly and she continued her studies at both Temple University and the University of Phoenix. Her dedication to public service is evident through her remarkable 18-year tenure with the U.S. Department of Labor, where she served diligently until her retirement in 2007.

As a dynamic entrepreneur, Geanna recently founded the non-profit organization, EleganceXtreme Inc. Under her leadership, the organization has implemented the youth programs, Positive Choices with Actions and Come Read With Us, both with a mission to educate and develop alternatives for youth and promote positive pathways and steer them away from violence, bullying, abuse, fear, and drugs. This is accomplished through programs focused on reading, financial, emotional, health and wellness, and outdoor literacy.

Despite the demanding role of Founder and CEO, Geanna, alongside her husband, dedicate time to serve the seniors, the sick, and shut-ins within her community. This service extends to delivering meals to the elderly every other Wednesday and ensuring that others in need can easily access food supplies. Because of her dedication she was named as 2003 Volunteer of the year with Caring for Friends, she recieved a citations recognizing here work and efforts from Senator

Before venturing into the non-profit sector, Geanna initiated Geandres, a venture providing funeral service programs to support those grieving the loss of a loved one. Transitioning to a more uplifting business endeavor, EleganceXtreme Events was born. Geanna finds immense joy in this facet of her work, creating some of the most exquisite designs for her clients. Specializing in weddings and children’s parties, she thrives as a planner, effortlessly bringing her clients' visions to life with elegance and style.

While event planning and design fuel a couple of her passions, her unwavering priority lies in working with children. Geanna considers this aspect of her journey the most exciting and crucial. As she often emphasizes, "We have to save the babies.

Our mission

EleganceXtreme Inc's mission is to make a significant impact on the way children, families, and communities cope with trauma. We firmly believe in the power of support and healing, especially when faced with difficult situations such as death, drug abuse, physical, or emotional abuse. Our goal is to provide the necessary resources, education, and assistance to those affected, enabling them to not only survive but also thrive. We are committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment where individuals can find solace, regain their strength, and rebuild their lives. Through our dedicated efforts, we aim to bring about positive change and create a stronger, more resilient community.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a world where every man, woman, and child can live their lives without fear, hunger, abuse, or neglect. We believe that every individual should be granted the opportunity to experience happiness and freedom. It is our utmost desire to eradicate all forms of suffering, ensuring that everyone is provided with the necessary resources and support to thrive. We strive to build a society that promotes love, compassion, and equality, where no one is left behind or marginalized. By fostering a sense of community and understanding, we envision a future where every person can fulfill their potential and lead a life filled with joy and fulfillment. We are committed to working tirelessly towards this vision, advocating for the rights and well-being of all individuals, and creating a better world for generations to come.

Our team

Our strength lies in our individuality. Set up by the founder Geanna Williams-Davis, the team strives to bring in the best talent in various fields, from workshops to activities, and events